Darchula Diary: its 3 months in Darchula

3 months is completed. I used to wonder that i am fine or not?, now it is not like that. The day after i arrived in Darchula i attended the office and woh!!!! i dont remember anything about that day. one thing i remember is introduction with JTA Sushila di and as due to tiredness of travelling for continous 24 hrs i just felt where i am? i couldnot think of anything. I just want to say that first 1 month in Darchula is one of the toughtest time i have ever faced in my life till now. as i suffered from insomnia and i know my eyes were sleepy but i am still awake. It nearly took 1 month to recover my normal routine like in chitwan. Thank god, you made by situation even worse as my mobile got broked. what?? i just cann’t imagine the situation worse than this as i don’t have number of any of my friends and other important call detail.

Darchula is a beautiful district which holds the beauty of high hills and unique landscape.Its my first time in far western region and i always wanted to visit this beautiful far western region since my bachelor days. I can’t imagine that i will surely be in Darchula at once. My routine of joining office started with as usual schedule for whole 3 months. I used to walk through the roads of Khalanga, travelling and enjoying the beauty of Mahakali river. During the period of internship i learnt lots of new facts which i would never experience in life without joining job at far distant from home. Basically i spent most of my life in Hostel hanging with friends be it my childhood or my college days, i always lived in Hostel. Living alone far away from home i realized that i am the one who is there to protect me in any situation. There is one famous proverb “when in rome , do as the romans do” and this is what i actually felt after spending time in Darchula for three months. The darkest and toughest first month is what i ever don’t want to face but until and unless you dont fell you won’t learn. It’s True! Living the life in Darchula i have learnt a lots of things. educational part is on one side while social part is one important lesson i have learnt. i Learnt to be well mannered and frankly i got idea how to deal with problems. I just started to accept what is there in my working place. Be it in field or in my room there is no space from where i could feel safe. For a moment i felt that i am being driven by my fear and i just console me saying “You are strong”. I wonder that i have such supported parents who loved me more than my younger parents and felt i am lucky to have them, seeing girls at my age are married in this place.You know Girls in this place also feel shy to speak and oh!!! you all know to what extent i can speak all time as a chatterbox.I got ache in my heart, what will i do? The biggest hobby of mine is Trekking and visiting Darchula its all gone i thought. Later i started to enjoy thoroughly the beauty it possess and the difficulty that it wears in case of geography. Slowly, i am adapting to the societ of Darchula. One unique things found in Darchula is Unboiled milk Dahi and the curry of that dahi(chajha). i Just hate this dish.yak!!!!

Till now i wonder why people always comment on girls. Despite appreciating the efforts, are always found commenting on what she does and what she wears. Are!!!! what’s there problem???? Let girls feel safe so that go for work in any part of country please don;t tie their legs with social norms and values. stop questioning???? I will just express my view Darchula is best for visit as it holds a lot of scope for tourism. Doing job here means you will be like where am i??? Beautiful far west is what i comment about Darchula and this is one place you must definitely visit for once.

Walking up and down the hills i realized the pain of people living here but they are habituated to it. Women drudgery is one major problem seen, most women are involved on doing Househlod chores.Staffs in office frequently ask me how is Darchula? and i am confused to tell them it is good or it is just okay. i simply reply it is okay and they smiled commenting she thought a lot to say it’s okay also. it mean she doesn’t like to visit Darchula next time. I thought that as a officer i cant’t afford to serve here but as a visitor i would definitely liked to visit . i just want to see the beauty of khandeshowri, situated at lap of Api mountain. So, Now you decide Darchula is good or okay? I am still confused, Darchula to be remembered as bad memory or good memory?


Darchula Diary:unexpected journey to Far-western Nepal

with lots of excitement i attended the lottry program for selection of site for Agri-internship under Prime Minister Agriculture Modernisation Project. finally i got a chance to withdraw and i got puzzled seeing name of district in the small piece of paper because i don’t have any idea about Darchula where i should work for about 5 months.Okay, i took a deep breath and tried to persuade myself that it will be alright. slowly all my friends were assigned to 72 different districts and i started to search about Darchula in net.Actually i was not much sure. After 1 week we must be present at assigned office and finally days were passing so fast that at a blink of eye its time to move. Before 1 day, i was feeling like i dont know and i don’t want to know. That night i couldn’t sleep well as i have heard a lots of social beliefs that exists in Farwestern region.I tried a lot to convince myself that i will be fine.
AT 5 o clock i get into bus that was departed from Kathmandu to Darchula, i was accompanied my classmate who was travelling to neighboring district, Baitadi along with me. oh! i forgot to tell that it was my birthday the day after i started my journey. It was my Bus partner sorry one of my classmates who tried to cheered me on that Day searching for nail cutter to cut chocolate to celebrate my birthday. Thanks to him !!!!!! That night also i couldn’t sleep and reason i don’t know? Next morning bus reached to Attariya at around 7 o clock and it started to climb up th hills . As bus was moving the climate was also changing as we are heading towards colder climate.i was constantly hit by cold breeze of wind and i was loving it a lot!!!!!!
Basically i was travelling this long distance for the first time as after 12 hours also i haven’t reached my destination, another 12 hours left for me to travel to reach my working site. I traveled through lots of place and stopped to eat snacks but i swear i don’t remember any name of the place. so what i want to say is that i am convincing myself that i am fine. Through the lap of beautiful hills our bus traveled passing Doti, Dadeldhura, Baitadi and oops my bus partner stop came hereby in Satbanjh, Baitadi. He get down of bus and bus again started its journey.I wonder seeing through window of bus that once we should visit Far western High hills district. These district are the perfect example of diversity in Nepal. How can i miss the chance to enjoy the beauty of nature so i decided not to sleep in Bus but to enjoy. But i feel asleep as i was awake for whole night and time to time i tried a lot to feel fresh. I nearly traveled about 7-8 hours from where my class mates stopped.i had contacted with one of colleagues of elder brother and i got frequent calls from him queering about where i reached. For the first time i was travelling to far western region and the beauty of nature that this region holds is mesmerizing. The landscape that it holds should be looked heading up and i was enjoying the amazing landscape of Darchula. If bus fell then nothing is found,that hilarious road we must pass through.
After 24 hours, i reached to Darchula and i was received by my brother friend. i went to Hotel through the narrow roads of Khalanga, Darchula. I am still confused, am i fine or not???? “i am fine” this is what i thought at the start of Agri-inern and still i thought the same after 3 months of Agri-intern.why??

Dance: communication language in honeybee

We are surrounded by lots of mesmerizing phenomenon in our locality and i always got fascinated while observing or reading about them.Honey bee dancing is one of the most intriguing aspect of their biology ,which is also one of the most fascinating behaviours in animal life.When an experienced forager returns to a colony with a load of nectar or pollen that is sufficiently nutritious to warrant a return to the source, she performs a dance on the surface of honey comb to tell other foragers where the food is.The dance spells out two items of information-distance and direction to the target foot patch.

Honeybee performs different types of dance indicating distance and direction of food.When the food source is very close to the hive (less than 50 meters) a forager worker bee performs round dance.She does so by running around in a narrow circles suddenly reversing direction to her original course. She may repeat the dance several times at the same location or move to another location on the comb to repeat it. After the round dance has ended, she often distributes food to the bees following her.Around dance therefore communicates distance but not direction.

Food sources that are at intermediate distance between 50 and 150 meters from the hive are described by the sickle dance. This dance is crescent in shaped and represents a transitional dance between the round dance and waggle dance. The waggle dance or wag tail dance is performed by bees foraging at food sources that are more than 150 meters from the hive.This dance communicates both distance and direction of food source. A bee that performs a waggle dance runs straight ahead for a short distance, returns in a semicircle to the starting point, runs against through the straight course, then makes a semicircle in the opposite direction to complete a eight figure circuit. While running a straight line course of the dance. the bees body , especially the abdomen, wags vigorously from side to side. At the time the bee emits a buzzing sound produced by wing beats at a low audio frequency of 250 to 300 hertz or cycles per second.

The credit for interpreting the meaning of dance of honeybee goes tolate Karl Von Frisch, a professor of Zoology at the university of Munich in Germany. Buzzing occurs in pulse beats of about 20 milli seconds, delivered at a rate of about 30 per second. As the distance of the food source increases, the duration of the waggling portion of the dance also increases .

Isn’t it cool ? I mean by dancing you could easily tell your fellows about your food . its been always  pleasure reading about honeybee as they really show unique behaviour in their life history. Besides this communication skills, honeybee show other mesmerizing behaviors.

A new experience of one day excursion:Article on visit to herbal farm,District ayurvedic health center and yoga center.

I am a student of agriculture. At present  I am a part of  Agriculture and forestry university, studying Bsc Ag . As a part of our course we all the students of 5th semester went on a one day excursion to Meghauli,Tadi  and Devghat. The excursion was held on 6th poush 2072. All friends of mine created a lot of buzz about this excursion as it was decided on a hectic schedule. We obviously need a break through our daily routine of classes and exams. I was quite excited to go on this one day tour as I always desire to be part of visiting new places .

During this visit I got lots of opportunity to learn about medicinal and aromatic plants .Along with plants known we got chance to learn about NATUROPATHY,HOMEOPATHY,YOGA AND ITS DIFFERENT FORMS AND STATUS OF AYURVEDIC HEALTH CENTRE IN NEPAL.

we reached to our first destination in around 2 hrs .

Our fist stop was at BISHNU AYURVED HERBAL PRODUCTION FARM located in Dharmapur ,chitwan. It is run by the active proprieter DANDAPANI KAFLE. This herbal farm is also linked with our university agriculture and forestry university and this farm delivers the service of interaction with other farmers about cultivation and importance of medicinal plants. Mr dandapani kafle gave us the detail picture about the status of medicinal and aromatic plants in Nepal. Mr kafle also provided information about the endangered medicinal plants and the possible causes .Certain plants were identified during our excursion to Bishnu herbal farm. They are as follows:

1.Tulasi  ( Ocimum sativum )        3.Kurilo                    5.kapur

2.Abijalo                                            4.Sarpagandha      6.sitamol jhar

some other medicinal plants are Gurgo, kamini, pyauli, kyemuna, chuha, patthar chatta, kalmik, asuro, punarnahuwa, etc  were also available in the periphery of Bishnu herbal farm. During our excursion to herbal farm certain problems were stated by owner of herbal farm and some solution to existing problems are as

1.Development of suitable environment to flourish the medicinal and aromatic plants sector.

2.Proper marketing channel must be established to encourage the establishment of herbal farms

3.Government must launch plans and policies strictly to protect the illegal transaction of andangered species

The owner of the farm also lightened us with the fact about the demand of certain group of farmers to government that THEY MUST BE ALLOWED TO CULTIVATE SOME OF THE ENDANGERED SPECIES OF MEDICINAL PLANTS HAVING HIGH VALUE. So during our visit to this herbal farm we got enlighted with the recent scenario of medicinal and aromatic plants situation in Nepal .

Then we headed to our second destination .

Our second destination was  at District Ayurvedic Health Center, chitwan which is located in Ratna Nagar Tadhi. we arrived  at district ayurvedic center at around noon and all of us were really hungry and tired but the enthusiasm of gaining new knowledge about ayurvedic health system in Nepal bound us tightly to wonder around health center.I feel delighted to be a student of medicinl and aromatic plants subject as it always widens my mind towards the beauty of nature. At the moment of this era, the world is moving too fast towards the advancement of science and technology leading to the circling of human life with full of troubles related to either physical or physiological.

we got information about District ayurvedic health center through interaction with the respective person of this health center.In the interaction process we fulfilled our queries by obtaining information about medicinal plants used in preparation of the medicine ,basic treatment facilities provided and names of ayurvedic medicine provided to the patient visiting this health center.The name of the medicinal plants viewed in the herbal garden of district ayurvedic health center are Barro, Bael, amala, parijat, Rajbrikshya, Ashok, Harr, Bakaino, Tejpat, bijaysal, Gheu kumari, Rakta chandan, Srikhanda, JAMUN, mARICH, nEEM, Suganda kokila, Aak, Mango, Nagkeshar,kapur,and sarpaganda.District  ayurvedic health center had started to manufacture medicine about 4 to 5 years ago only and the most common type of ayurvedic  medicine  found are TRIPHALA CHURNA AND SITOPALADI CHURNA.

Finally we headed to our last destination of our one day excursion ,YOGI NARHARINATH YOG AND NATUROPATHY HOSPITAL,situated in Devghat,chitwan.It is actively working to teach yoga and it is fluently delivering the facility of therapies to various patients. Dr.Hemraj koirala (doctor,Yog and naturopathy hospital),Dr Bishal Regmi (therapist) and Mr.Yagyanath poudel (yoga therapist) were the ones to whom we meet during our excursion. All of  us were directed to sit in a big hall and we were instructed to sit in the posture of yoga. INFRAFERENTIAL THERAPY, ULTRASOUND THERAPY, SHOULDER EXCERCISER, ANKLE EXERCISER,EXERCISE BALL, TILT BALL,TRACTON.ACUPUNCTURE etc were the instrument viewed in the Naturopathy hospital.(These facilities are really fascinating because it motivate for the betterment of body without any side effects.) . According to the information provided by Dr.koirala the base of yoga therapy is THE LIFESTYLE MODIFICATION.

Today  is the time where we need to think differently and we need to be healthy also to be fitted in this competitive time.In fact we Nepalese are surrounded by lots of natural beauty holding lots opportunity to emerge out but there are certain some concept and belief which are dragging us backwards.Making our weakness strength we must always move forward to widen the scope of medicinal and aromatic plants. During this visit I got a close view regarding medicinal and aromatic plants, ayurvedic health system and its situation in Nepal and yoga and Naturopathy hospital along with the services delivered by this center.It really stroke hard in mind that where we are? and why we are lagging and all that lots of tough questions.Did we all nepalese rely on medicine to be healthy or did everyone has access to medical services.????? We youth need to be more active regarding all these stuffs and we must really awake all the stakeholders for proper management of medicinal and aromatic plant as it could be one way to improve livelihood of rural people.

This excursion was a lot effective as we got chance to view the real picture coming out from the theoretical world  to the world of realistic. This type of tour need to be conducted regularly as it sharpned  the knowledge of student like us who actually are far away from the real picture of society and the way it is running.


picture captured with Respected teacher Mr Ananta subedi and Mr. Danda pani Kafle in front of Bishnu Herbal Production Farm



pic captured in Yog Narharinath yoga and naturopathy hospital.